What is GSS


I have recently been looking at the grid.io and came across some of the technology they have made for their idea. It's nice to see some work come out of the grid because I was starting to think it was a scam.

to start off with GSS stands for "Grid Style Sheets". It has been created to make some layouts possible that just weren't with CSS it is not just a pre-compiler it overwrites the browser engine so uniformity is a given finally!
The main features that may interest most people would be the ability to set priority's over certain elements and there are so many built in functions to arrange where things sit.

The handy things is with GSS is everything is in a relevant position to another object so for example.....
You could centre an element to a box that you have made to be centre of the window. This has the advantage that the HTML structure no longer determines where elements are. You can structure it for reading purposes but you could put something anywhere in the HTML and it wouldn't matter.

Well anyway I am starting to learn this new language and would love to help or get help on this as I go along.

If you still don't know what GSS is then go to this link here

So leave your thoughts on this new technolagy and lets hear some awesome layout idea.
Good luck

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My first thought is that a unifying standard is often an additional standard.

However, this looks very interesting and has some design implementations that I wish I had when working with CSS in the past. If there's some tool that could convert between the two, or if it includes HTML embedding (important since HTML5 is still a developing technology, unless we're going to jump ship and start over), or at least you are able to see if a client's browser has GSS compatibility server-side.

Very interesting, though. I just wish that they included more technical details or a FAQ on their website.

That is very true to be honest.

The only way to have a website work on everything and still take advantage of gss is to make a separate style sheet, which makes it easier to style the look of html elements anyway, and then have gss kick in when they are viewing it through a compatible browser.

to get started with this you do need to install it on to your server as a background process I think I'm not 100% sure on how it works but you can not include it as a <link> or <script> in html you do however need to link it to a gss javascript file I assume this is for client side processing after the server has done it's stuff.

And that is one of the reasons I have posted it here because they do not have a very good website for pure information on it.