What i did today

ok, so yea..... i was bored, and i wanted to mess with my comp, i was 2 lazy to go to bios and do shit, so i just used the AMD overdrive tool thing.... (i usually use it just to monitor performance and make sure driver updates didn't fuck up crossfire).

only changing the core multiplier... and nothing else.... i was able to get 3.91 GHZ (i got a bsod at 4.01).

i wasn't ever going to keep the oc, i was just seeing what the tool could do..... i was summarized at the performance i got out of it without changing much.....

And your point?

Took the words right out of my fingertips.

QFT, saw that one comming

Omg threadkiller XD

If it's like EVGA ELEET software, it doesnt save in the bios, so it's just for more efficently finding a good clock.

Atleast SOMEONES keeping these forums alive. I now see why these forums are so dead, you cant start a thread without every comment being a troll. I know this thread is kind of stupid but it proves a point.

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Does anybody needed to read this post that has the same humour as what Chad Warden discussed?

Does anybody needed to read this post that has the same humour as what Chad Warden discussed?

Hey guys, you might wanna know that a lot of people talk shit about AMD overdrive, and that this actually really proves it works, pretty well. I even overclocked my i5-2500k to 4,5 ghz with it.



OMG SUCH A TROLL I WAS! XD sry ztrain ahaha


I just burned my foot with my cigarette... I died so hard from seeing all of this LOL

My mind was blown.

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