What headset to buy?

My turtlebeach earforce X11 are starting to die now, the left headphone doesn't always play back sound and the microphone transmits way too much static.

So, I'm looking to buy a new pair with a budget of around £40, here are the models I've found and I would like some advice as to which are the best pair:

Ozone Ozspark

Turtle Beach Z11

Philips SHG7980

Tritton Trigger


Thanks in advance


Really? Thats nice. Who cares if he wants a nice headset and you think its dumb. If your not here to help, then dont Post! I don't care what your image says, a nice headset is WAY better than a set of headphones and a desk mic. Personally I love my headset and its 7.1 "surround sound" setting. Adds depth to the audio. of course it doesnt make you a better gamer. Its meant to immerse you in the game, makes it sound real. Ignore what Captain Pip posted, get what you like. Personally out of your picks, id get the turtlebeach set.

That's cool, I liked plastic cans when I played CoD on XBL too. I suggest you actually do a side by side comparison of your "surround sound" with a nice pair of studio quality headphones. But judging by your incompetence I'll assume the highest quality thing you've listened to is "beats by dre".

But please do tell me how it's better? Are your poor sound quality, poor positional accuracy and ugly plastic headphones better in what ways? Immersion, as stated before you get more accurate positional sound from 2.0 with virtual. I think if you actually had the chance to try nice headphones you couldn't tell me I'm wrong.

Actually, I give up, Audiophiles are a dying breed and everyone can enjoy their plastic headphones that sound like ass.

I have virt surround headset. wireless too. it's actually the best audio i've heard from a computer. a soundcard isn't an option; I have a laptop, so I went witha wireless usb model. it was pricey tho.... $120

goddamn, you're a cunt. troll harder next time.

its hilarious how you act like an audiophile, then post a picture in your profile that looks like it was taken with a flip phone from 2001