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What header/cable is this? Gigabyte R282-Z91 Rack server

I have a raid card for a Gigabyte rack server that needs a 6 pin PCIe supplemental power cable.

There are no cables from the PSU itself. All routed via the motherboard.

The motherboard has these two power headers:

They are labelled P12V_GPU1 and 12V_GPU2. They are not standard PCIe power connectors, they are about 30% smaller.

I have already asked my supplier and gigabyte support. supplier has no idea, and gigabyte keeps stonewalling me. The manual says nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Looks like a standard EPS12V to me (except that the top-pins are not split as usual), since Server-GPUs are typically powered by EPS-connectors rather then PCIe-power-connectors.
But then again

irritates me a little since they should be the same size as ATX12V connectors, which IIRC are the same size as PCIe connectors…

Pinging @wendell since he worked with the Z90 variant.

In the review I cover they are standard ish connectors and supply 12v power for addin cards. So you can get a cable that goes from this small connector to regular 6/8 pin pcie connectors or eps12v connectors for e.g. Tesla v100 cards

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But where do i get those cables from? Don’t even know what that header is called.

I can check the pinout for you if you can find an 8 pin one for sale. It’s the same connector the 2019 Mac pro used (8 pin) for pcie devices (I think) which is a standard server form factor

I know it as mini eps12v but you need a slight wiring change from mini eps12v to pcie power. Maybe I should carry those on the l1 store


lol yes if you sold those on the l1 store i would be you’re first customer.
I have spent 1 week looking for it, can’t even find a picture of one.

I think I may have found it!


I got the Mac Pro pcie wiring kit, unfortunatly it is not the correct cable.

The plug is still a bit too big to fit into the motherboard header and the shapes of the pins housing do not match.

So far I have resorted to using a pci sata adapter and connecting a sata to 6 pin pcie cable to it.