What Have You Printed Today?

It was a bit lonely here, so here we go!

Post stuff that you've printed today, recently, or maybe your best prints of all time.

X&Y Resonance Test


Gotta see if I can fix those overhangs, as well as the slight Z wobble.  Other than that I'm quite happy.

What 3D printer do you use?

nothing, lol

Just a little wedge or whatever to hold up my monitor (stand cant hold screens weight) 5 minutes in 123D and a quick print

Nothing exciting. Just practical.

I got some new parts to try and eliminate my Z wobble, since everything else I tried didn't seem to work.

I also did a little bit of rework on the printhead bowden mount.

@Some_Tech_Noob That a e3d v6?

E3D V5 with a V6 heater block.

The thermistor kept falling out of the stupid V5 heater block.

Yeah, i just went with a m3 threaded thermistor on my v6. Just allot more reliable than the way it comes. Those thermistors are so damn fragile.

Working on a portable pi.

Yeah. The V6 mounting of the thermistor is infinitely better than a bunch of kapton tape, though. The kapton tape just kept un-sticking itself. I broke 2 of the little bead thermistors before stepping up to the v6 heater block.

It was well worth the purchase - no more headaches trying to make kapton tape stick.

I found out my rough acme leadscrew was causing my Z wobble. I went back to the short one that came with my Printrbot and now stuff prints beautifully.

50 micron layer heights.

Dam I wish I could get prints like this. Printed some belt tensioners last night and will put them on when I get home and see if it helps at all. Have my doubts

Don't feel too bad. Too many f***ing hours have gone into my printer lol.

Im just under 300 hours print time on my printer, And thats not including the hours it failed to log due to conflict with gcode layout. Justr cant get rid of that stupid z axes banding. I may invest into an sla bases printer and start producing sellable objects. That for a delta FDM printer.

I meant hours I've worked on my printer. As for print time, I have no clue.

Deltas also require a bit of setup to get good prints as well. I've seen really good and really bad delta prints. As for SLA stuff, it's beautiful but expensive lol.

I have spent many hours on mine too. Just havent found the fault yet.

Doing a battlestation overhaul, and I needed some cable management loops for the desk. Haven't used Solidworks in some time, but these still only took a couple of minutes. First try fit perfectly.

Printed in ABS because I needed it to be a bit more flexible.

looking good, Been learning solidworks for the last week so should look into finding something I could use then make it. Might wait for my new phone, take dimensions and design a custom desk mount considering no one has designed anything for any oppo phones yet apparently.