What graphics card?

Been a console gamer forever but just had my ps3 crap out. First console to ever to die on me. So I want to move over to pc gaming but having never done it I need some help on getting set up. A little hand holding to get going. I know I am going to need a graphics card so if you could recommend what is best for my setup that would be great. Will list my current set up below.I want to keep the price around $200 give or take. Just want the most bang for my buck that will allow me to play all games.

Also would like to use a wireless controller  for some games (i know you all frown on that but just let me be me till i get use to the keyboard and mouse). So if you could recommend a gaming controller that is best I would be grateful.

Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks for your help

my rig....

msi motherboard with 1 pci express slot

amd A6-5400

thermalright heatsink

8gb ddr3 1600

samsung840 120gb ssd

dvd drive

case custom built by me so it will fit any size gpu

4-bay storage 16tb so plenty of storage space for games

run of the mill keyboard and mouse

system hooked up to my receiver so i am not sure how to chat  and game?


Thanks for the help



270x will be balanced with yoru current system. It is just a rebranded and up-to-date 7870. You could find a 7870 a little cheaper.


Or if you want to spend a lot less, you could pick up a 7850


For a wireless controller, I happen to use the old Xbox 360. It does the job. Wireless controllers do require a dongle, and sometimes they can be a headache with driver installs that some operating systems do not recognise. I will gladly help with that if you get stuck. A wired controller would be much easier, as it would plug and play, essentially.

Can you recommend a wired controller?

I have a corsair gs600 power supply.Is this enough to run the 270x? My 4-bay has its own power.

thanks that was fast

forgot to ask if the 270x is quiet? noise is an issue for me

Gotta agree with 'serker on this one, the 270x is a solid choice for mating with your other hardware. And a 360 controller is a solid option for a controller, but I do recommend going cold turkey and switching straight to KBM there will likely be a bit of a learning curve, but after some solid time on them you'll start to see the benefit and become much more comfortable.

If noise is an issue I'd go with something like the Asus DirectCU II model of the 270x. It's one of my favorite coolers on the market between it's cooling performance and relative fan silence.

The gs600 is plenty for the 270x. =]

Thanks you two for helping. Was looking at that Asus while at work. Just pulled the trigger on it. The red on the card does not go with my build but i will paint the red stripes or something.

Going to shop for good keyboard and mouse now. Think I will take your advice and try go cold turkey.

Thanks again both of you