What GPU will be better than the PS4's?

Hey i've recently just built my first pc. I had a PS3 for over 6 years now and i've heard all good things about pc. im done building my pc( it is a budget pc so chill out) except i havent bought the gpu yet. As the title says i wanna know which gpu will be better than the PS4's. I dont wanna buy a gpu and find out that it is not out performing a ps4. Games i will be playing are BF3, BF4 when it comes out, Crysis Trilogy, Arma 2, not that much CoD. And if there's any other good games let me know. Looking for good games. Thanks

System Specs:

NZXT 210 Source Case

Intel core i3 3220

8gb ram 1600

Asrock B75m dgs (i know cheap mobo)

Corsair cx 430

Seagate 500gb


a gpu with wooden fans made out of jelly will be faster than the ps4s APU lol 

but if you whant a fast gpu your going to need to upgrade that psu as well a 7850 is good bang for buck at the moment at the low to mid gameing range

Ay thanks . I had actually been looking at the 7850. And yea i figured i would have to upgrade the psu .  Even though they dont use more than 430 watts its better to be safe than sorry

From what I've heard, the GPU chunk of the APU will basically be an underclocked 7850, or in that neighborhood. The problem is, developers will never get as much speed out of a desktop card as a single, standard hardware base like the GPU in the PS4, at least not without some serious changes in how PC games interact with hardware. I'd grab the highest end AMD card you can afford, because without that massive paradigm shift in game and OS development (which likely will never happen), AMD cards will probably start to have the most specific optimizations for new games once they come out, if any extra optimizations are used at all.

Personally, I have a 7870, and I think it'll handle at least the early half of the PS4 era just fine, but that might be optimistic.

yes but a i3 whont handle that well at all :/

Upgrade to an i5 and a Radeon HD 7870 XT and you'll be able to beast on just about every game. Even if you don't upgrade your processor, I would still recommend that card, since it is so very good for the money.

Would a i5 3470 be good? Its $50 more at microcenter which isnt too far away from me.


Forgot to mention I am in highschool. 9th grade lol so its not like I have money to raid 0 some ssds' s but im not trying to get crap either. But coming from a console anything is beter

I have a 7850 1 gig for sale


150 dollars lol :D

Thanks but now that I think about I might as well get a 7870 for that extra bit of money for the performance:p

Thanks but now that I think about I might as well get a 7870 for that extra bit of money for the performance:p