What GPU to pair with 3700x?

Im looking to upgrade my 1070ti to something like 2080/-ti.But im not completely sure if my 3700x will be perfectly matched with a 2080ti,or if u should just go with a 2080?Im currently on a 1440p/79Hz(OD’d from 60) monitor but am about to buy a 1440p/144Hz one.I play all kinds of games and just want a card that will be well paired with the 3700x(and 16GB 3200MHz/cl14).


Neither card will be bottlenecked by your CPU. Not at 144FPS.
Heck, my 3600 can keep up with over 250FPS in Most Games. Anything that’ll benefit from a 2080ti over a 1070ti won’t be a Problem for your CPU. The only Games where the CPU comes into play are things like Civilization or Cities Skylines. And in those games, either GPU will be arguably overkill.

So, what is the goal? 1440p 144FPS on all modern AAA Games with maxed Details? I’m running the 1070ti on 1440p 165Hz and think it’s fine.

My personal opinion is, that the 2080ti is way overpriced for what it delivers over the 2080. If i’d have that kind of money, i’d look for a 2080Super. The 2080ti is just to expensive.


Like @domsch1988 said, it is a matter of purpose. The 3700X can deliver enough performance to match all current GPUs, and should be able to handle any card up to 50% stronger than the 2080 Ti, while the 3600 should be able to handle any card 20% stronger than the 2080 Ti.

So the question here is, how much do you want to spend and for what resolution and refresh rate?

For 1080p 144Hz, get the RX 5700 or RTX 2060.
For 1440p 144Hz gaming, the RX 5700 XT or RTX 2070 Super are great buys.
For 4k 60Hz gaming, go with the RTX 2080 Super.
For 4k 144Hz… Not even the RTX 2080 Ti is strong enough currently.

All according to how good your monitor is!

[edit]On second thought, you already have a 1070 Ti, stick to that and invest in a good 1440p 144Hz monitor instead. It should be able to take it, but if you are still unhappy, simply play one level below ultra settings and wait for the next refresh. It will be worth it.[/edit]


I wouldn’t even bother upgrading.
Wait for the next round of video cards.

I currently have a 3800x and a GTX 1080 with a 3440x1440 100Hz ultrawide and it handles everything just fine.

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While I generall do agree with your statement, in my opinion the 2080ti is a 4k 60fps card, not the 2080 Super.

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Don’t. That card is still fine and will deliver plenty even on a 144Hz display. Apart from not really needing any upgrade, you would buy into a first gen RTX product.

You’re fine. Get the monitor and game on!

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Thanks to everyone responding!
Heres my decision;I will first buy the monitor,[email protected] i will probably wait for the next gen of RTX and see wheres it leaves me.

I think thats the most big-brained way to go.