What GPU do you need for Ultra 1080p Gaming?

AMD 7930. OR a GTX 670.


Maybe you should get three 660ti.

one card isn't going to cut it at higher frame rates. 1080p @ 120htz needs high frame rates not high bandwidth. So 780 or 7970 is actually an overkill so a better way to get high frame rate would be to run two 770's or 760's or the AMD equivilant. Only issue with AMD seems to be the drivers with crossfire.  If you check out 770 SLI benchmark for 1080 it seems to be the best bang for buck. 

Mind you 1080p gaming monitors like the benq or asus that are 120-144htz needs high frame rates to take advantage of those monitors. 

But that is already 800USD for two 770's, for that money I would rather get a 780.

R9-280x will kick ass.

some dude, try $900-1k... a 280x is only like $320

I do believe the Sapphire Dual-X versions have unlocked voltages.

The Sapphire Vapor-X have locked voltages for the most part.

The topic was kinda lost but i have drawn the conclusion from your opinions that at 60hz (my monitor) a R9 280x or a GTX 770 is good for me. Thankyou all