What GPU do you need for Ultra 1080p Gaming?

Hello all

I would like to know what Graphics cards you think are recommended for Ultra Quality 1080p gaming?

Thanks in advance.

Radeon 7950 or 7970 is a good choice. or if you prefer nvidia then a GTX760, but notice a Radeon 7950 is a better performing card then the GTX760.

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I've have asked a similar question and the 7950 or 7970 is always the answer. I was partial to the GTX 760 but I was soon talked out of buying one. I would recommend either the Asus DirectCU II, HIS, Sapphire, MSI Twin Frozr. Stay away from the XFX cards as they have locked voltages (same with the Sapphire). The XFX cards also have major overheating problems so I've been told to avoid them.

yeah i would personaly recommend the Msi 7950/7970 twinfrozer, or the 7950/7970 Asus Direct CU II  cause they have the nicest price.

7950s are where its at currently. 760s arent shabby either but you can find the 7950s cheaper lately.

Ok, I want to add to this question rather than start a new thread. Assuming I want to stay on the Nvidia platform, I'm seeing fps in crysis and far cry @40-50 for a single gtx 780. If one has a fancy 120htz gaming monitor like the benq or asus 144htz, don't you need upwards of 90 fps to take advantage of the screen?

second part to the question, does , or would, SLI help fps in these taxing games or is it not the bottleneck?

If you are getting a good monitor I would highly recommend the Asus VG248QE 144hz.  And no you do not need high fps to take advantage if you use Lightboost (google it) because of how lightboost works in my experence with this monitor 60fps with lightboost is like getting 120fps without lightboost.  If you can get over 100fps and just keep lightboost on it is sooo smooth and no ghosting what so ever as lightboost reduces that by 90%

Yeah, it's a toss up between the 27" benq or the 144htz asus vg278h (basically same as the one you suggested only bigger). My question is more to will da single graphics cards (nvidia ) push the more taxing games enough to utilize the monitor. 


Oh, and I know 'bout the lightboost. 

For a 144Hz monitor, I would actually recommend a 7950 or 760, with the intention of crossfiring/SLI-ing that card at a later time. It really depends on your budget. You could opt for a higher end niche card, like the GTX780, which should be coming down in price soon.

Most monitors are capped at 60Hz, which means they can only display a maximum of 60FPS. It would require a fair amount of GPU power to reach 120+, if you wanted to max out the panel. But only if you wanted to max out the panel. A single 760 or 7950 would play any game with really playable frame rates on ultra textures, maybe conservative amounts of anti aliasing et cetera.

But I think I would advise against your chosen monitors. Since 1080p @ 27" sucks. You would get better image quality at 24" or below.

the benq xl2420te and asus vg248qe are both 24 in and even if you cant get 120 fps with lightboost it still is way better then a normal 60hz monitor

Subjective. I prefer 60Hz IPS. And I could have sworn I saw 27". As I type this, I figure I will go back and look!


Edit: 27" benq or the 144htz asus vg278h

Nope, definitely 27"

I kinda like the 27" over the 24". I've seen them both next to each other (the asus ) and I didn't mind the 1080 @27". Yes, if you are right up on it, it's not optimal but sitting back and playing battlefield 4 it should be fine. Besides , their aren't any monitors I've come across that have the response time and pixel density. 

Since I'm gaming and shooters are my gaming choice, faster lagless (is that a word?) monitors are where I'd rather stay

The question now is what is my optimal graphics option. And not to be braging but money ain't a thing. At some point it is, I have an expensive sushi habit, but I could drop some dough on this thing. 

Image ghosting man. 60htz is fuctsville man. I want my frame rate atvantage for fragging rights. 

Ok, after an hour of research I've found that the best option for 1080p gaming is the 770 in SLI. Apparently I don't need the bandwidth of 780 or the Titan at this resolution but two cards will give me the frame rate I'm looking for. I can add a third one for dedicated physics as well to help things along with the more taxing games. 


I posted this to shed some light on the topic and hear what you guys think. 

R9 280x or better if you have the coin

Personally I'm a nvidia loyalist. I've only had bad experience on the other side. 


I use 1440p at 60Hz. I get no real ghosting. Check the panel for youself, it's really high quality, and ASUS have worked some magic with it. It overclocks upwards of 75Hz. PB278Q.

And I only really commented about the size of the panel, since that the refresh rate is preference. 1080p doesn't look so good when it is stretched to that size, if you understand that?

I think that's a really balanced decision. However, I would still lean towards the 780, because it would be much more economical, in terms of price. It will be at a lower price point soon, with the unveiling of the new AMD cards, dual 770s would cost more. 780 shouldn't have a problem maxing out that refresh rate. The higher Vram et cetera would be useful for mods. Sure, the 770s would have a higher performance, but you have latencies and stuff that come with dual card setups. I think dual 760s are worth considering too.

Arghhh!! Decisions. Lol

In short, best price to performance for that particular monitor would be the dual 760s. And they are pretty cheap.