What fps are you getting in Crysis 3?

As most of you know, Crysis 3 beta was released earlier in the week.
Im curious to know what fps, resolution, settings, and card you're using.
I think it'd be a fun topic and we'd get to see the true graphic intergrity.  

Well, running on my single 24" 1920x1080 Asus monitor (I pkan on getting either another 24" or a 27" 2560x1440), with Netflix on my 20" monitor (some strange resolution, temporary), with everything at the highest possible settings except for AA (it was at 4xTA, I believe), I was getting a smooth picture. I didn't have an FPS counter, but I can guarantee it was over 30FPS, because I didn't have any lag or jagged turns. I have a single EVGA GTX 680 4GB FTW+ with a 50mHZ overclock (working on it, just wanted a small boost while I worked everything out.)