What for UNRAID, Dell T20 or T30?

Dell T30 or T20?
Hi guys!

I’m tinkering with Unraid 6.7 for 3 weeks, it’s really cool.
But it’s running on 20$ HP 6005, it’s time for upgrade.
Usecase: Docker, Plex, Sonarr, Deluge, nzbget, photos+videos storage, tinkering
Cache + Docker drive: New Dysk SSD Transcend 110S 128GB PCIe x4 NVMe (37$)
New Seagate Baracuda 2 TB ST2000DM006 (26$, already bought it)
Got pfsense + fiber optic 300/300 modem. Gigabit LAN with cables in whole home.

New Dell T30 E3-1225v5/8GB/1TB/DVD-RW/1Y NBD (356$) oraz USED Dell t20 2x1 tb sata, 24Gb RAM, 5x1Gb ethernet (240$)?

What do you suggest? Any changes? What to choose or buy additional?

I suggest neither because I have a Dell t20
and for future proofing they suck. Only one fan in rear for ventilation. Now if you only plan to ever run one or two disk and that nvme than you may be ok. Just remember going forward you will hit a limit with the case and motherboard layout.

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a lot relies on the motherboard. many dells designed the motherboard so that it could only be used in a specific case.
many could be mounted in different cases (IE. larger cases and with the use of additional fans (those types you could connect to the power supply) cooling and space was not an issue.
with this in consideration will the board be sufficient and will it offer opportunities for future upgrade.
dell does make some good systems But as @ sanfordvdev stated they suck for future proofing. (Not to mention sometimes the bios may be problematic.
For most system i build I avoid dells

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I see, so what kind of desktop/tower form factor machine do you recommend?

What are the non-rack alternatives?

Don’t keep up with prebuilts but I would build your own if your ok with that.

just about any atx case will do
I usually build custom stand alone servers so i tend to pick up cases with a lot of room for drives and preferably multiple places for cooling gear
( gaming cases are really good for this)
but for server purposes they dont have to be pretty just big enough for the number of drives you wish to put in them.

quite often with some systems brought into my shop If the case and power supply is in good shape it gets a good cleaning and is put aside for building someone a cheap nas server

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Are there any custom mobo form factors that offer PSU redundancy?

not generally usually you have to purchase a server with a backplane set up for psu redundancy such as some dell poweredge server systems, and ibm server systems (High end machines) and those are not cheap.

Are you looking for a tower or rack mount i got a r610 dual cpu im looking to sell.