What Font do you use in your editors?

In your text/source/IDE editor, what is your preferred font of choice?

Personally, I love to use monospaced font, Input.

You can check it out here.

Screenshot from 2018-02-19 10-44-19

I especially love the curly brackets :heart_eyes:


Xterms defualt font at 16 pixels. god its so pretty

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oh the editor that i use is vim and leafpad, leafpad is default because i dont use it too much





This is what I used to use.

I use fixed. Thanks to being a bitmap font it’s very readable even at small sizes.


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comic sans


^ Monospaced comic sans, kinda. This looks way less terrible than it should :smile:

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Like ‘fixed’ for the xterms fonts? because i adore it! :heart_eyes:

Yep, that’s the one

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? :man_shrugging:t2:

Defaults, all I do is go through setting files or exes with notepad++


I like Source Code Pro. It gets a little tiring to change the font in each and every souped-up version of Eclipse I have to install for each class, so I’ve been getting used to whatever the default is (apparently just caled “monospace”).

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I’ve tried a lot of different fonts and keep coming back to Consolas. It’s optimized for the Windows font renderer but nothing else matches its readability on that platform.

I think that’s the key here. Different font’s will look better on different systems. Windows with a 2k monitor vs. a 4k monitor, Mac OS, Linux…

Of course the king of them all is Topaz from OS2.0 onwards :slight_smile:

I’ve just checked my settings and it is Fira Code:

Lucida Console, Source Code Pro, Source Sans Pro

XTerm*font: -dec-terminal-medium-r-*-*-14-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-*