What firefox themes do you guys use?

Slightly off topic, but how is Firefox running for you guys? I often get momentary freezes/sluggishness while opening new tabs, for example. Nothing major... like a 1-3 seconds freeze once in a while, before things spring back up!

Over time it has annoyed me so much that in spite of being a free software and RMS devotee, I have switched to using Vivaldi as my daily driver.

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I have noticed this on our shared family computer. It runs win 10 and the latest version of Firefox. I don't know what is causing it.

I notice that when another tab is loading. Since Firefox is still single-threaded, you can really feel it, especially when one tab is not responding and the whole browser is stuck. If you're lucky it starts responding again, if not there is only the task manager to kill the whole browser..

I really hope Mozilla fixes that in an upcoming version. It's already part of the developer edition of Firefox for people to try out.

You mean multi-threading is a part of nightly?


So, I installed nightly, and was surprised by how smooth it is! Now I am wondering, in light of Mozilla's shrinking user base, what kinda contraption does mozilla have going in their labs that every time their features transcend from developmental edition to stable releases, they actually go the other way in terms of deployment behavior and become more unstable?

May be it's just me, but it occurs to me that instead of wasting money on campaigns surrounding a rebranded logo that looks like it was created by a 12 year old who has just seen Hackers and recently discovered Pagemaker, perhaps Moz://a ought to get their shit together and use the money to actually fix their ancient code bases! It isn't 1997, much as we would all like to dabble in nostalgia, and adding a bunch of URL elements to your brand doesn't make it "cool" anymore.


they are. They are in the process of writing the codebase in Rust. Which is why its taking so long.


Naruto!! Lol set it few years back and haven't changed since