What firefox themes do you guys use?

hey im using firefox on my laptop with ubuntu gnome and im wondering on what dark themes do you guys use if you do i have one but it doesnt show the refresh button and the url text is a fair bit farther along for somreason

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I'm using the dev edition theme - i think it needs to be enabled via about:config

I don't use a dark one, but I do use Arc theme, to match the Arc theme in Gnome :)

On the work pc I use one called "Angry Dragon" by poppy

I use the default theme because I'm lazy and do not want to change the configuration of all the Firefox installs I have (like three or something).

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I use a system wide theme called Arc-Darker for Gnome 3 on Antergos Linux. So, not specifically a Firefox theme, but it does change its look.

I am using "OSX-Arc-Darker" for a look similar to macOS (only better) in GNOME 3, that seems to make Firefox dark as well. I think it looks great. :D


Yeah, the only interface that feels tighter than Gnome 3 on Antergos seems to be Korora (Fedora) .. which is also Gnome 3 just done ever so slightly different.

I always used the one for Tails from sonic .w.

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Link was broken. I fixed my image. Hehe

Now my post is captured for eternity :'D

I don't use Firefox and thus don't use the themes. I can't remember the last time I used Firefox. I remember when it was supposedly the safe go to browser for people and it ran fast/smoothly. That seems long ago.


There's an Arc theme made for firefox that matches the GTK theme. Definitely worth checking out. If you add the HTitle extension, it's even more slick.

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Used to have NASA Night Launch, but now I'm just on default.

I use the 'dark background light text' extension & the 'dark carbon' theme.

Default. I am to lazy to change.

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ft deepdark for me

holy shit I use that theme too!

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If you sign up to Firefox sync it will syncronise the theme across all browsers

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