What exactly is happening with valve letting modders charge for mods?

*NOTE, I am trying to not use my normal 8chan/reddit language here so there may be things I say i'm upset about that don't seem like I'm all that mad but really am.

I see the internet shitstorm... But I don't see why exactly. Haven't they done similar stuff with dota2, tf2, and csgo already? That didn't kill modding for those games. It just seems to me like people are getting mad for the wrong reasons, and most of them haven't looked in to it that much. The main complaint seems to be that they are simply allowing for modders to charge, call me crazy but I can't find fault in simply allowing that.

Now there do seem to be some real concerns, such as they don't check to make sure you are the mod author and the modder only gets 25% of the price. The first one is something that needs to be fixed, I'm not sure how they would but there's gotta be a way, and until they do fix it it is something people should be loud about so modder's work can't be stolen and sold without them getting money. For the modder only getting 25% of the price, yeah depending on the price thats bs(for instance amazon kindle books that are $1 the author sees 30% of the price because cc fees), but bethesda gets the lion share of it, no way to know if thats gonna be the same for every game that allows the selling of mods on the workshop. Like I said those are real concerns and things that NEED to be fixed and we should be loud about it, but the response seems to be focusing mainly on other things.

Is there something I am missing? There are some reasons to be upset and loud, most of the noise is about other things that I'm having a hard time understanding why its that big. Its not like they are forcing us to buy mods and its not like the modders have to charge they can choose to remain free. Can someone explain what exactly is going on? And using facts that we know now not just speculation please.

A lot of the problem with this whole internet shitstorm thing can be summed up by one phrase: "give a man an inch and he'll try to take a mile".
Valve is not forcing modders to make their content paid. Also people fail to realize how many entities are likely involved when it comes to the money, my personal estimates are around 5; the modder, distributor (Valve), publisher (Zenimax), royalty holder (Bethesda), and the IRS (taxes) with Valve and the nodded getting the larger shares. From what I see a lot of this shitstorm is shortsighted butthurt.

Yeah I read the other thread, there is cause for concern just not the shitstorm that has ensued internet wide.