What do you use to manage a stack of containers?

I’ve got my home server stack running nicely and in a way that I like. Each service is running in a container with its own docker-compose.yml. One challenge that I ran into while doing this was hoe to manage it. I would love a web interface that I can run on the server that can also be easily containerized in docker to manage and see the status of each one of these services easily.

I’ve looked into docker-swarm a little bit, which seems like it would be helpful from a strict service management point of view. But it doesn’t give me the ease of use that a web interface would. I want to be able to access it from my phone anywhere on my local network and just get a quick “At a glance” view at the status of all my services, as well as be able to restart them or view the logs if something went wrong.

I have been pretty out of touch with this part of IT/server management lately, so I hoping that some folks here might have a good suggestions on options.


For web UI, Cockpit + Podman is nice.
This post shows that Podman can work with docker-compose.

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https://www.portainer.io/ is dead simple. It runs as a container itself. I have a small setup, basically running one stack for a docker bot, and don’t really work much with Docker outside of making CI images, but it worked like a charm when I needed to set up a stack for a Discord bot.

One caveat though, for whatever reason Portainer is not able to manage stuff you didn’t make through it. Might be some permissions I could muck about with, but it’s perfectly fine for me.

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+1 for Portainer.

I also use Dozzle for log monitoring. It’s extremely quick to setup and access logs.