What do you this would be best to cool this beast?


that is my current system and i am looking to do a custom Water cooling for the cpu and gpu, because i have heard that it is much quieter and me wanting to oc the cpu also expandable later as i may get another titan to sli it.. as a streamer / you tuber that is a big deal. but not only that i figured the parts would stay cooler thus last longer. if you could find it in your hearts to help me i would be vary thankful! (also i have posted this on linustechtips forums to not only see who reply faster but who can build the best and cheapest system that meets my needs! good luck!)

Well, custom WC loops require maintenance. its like owning a pet. depending on the about of components being cooled, choke points and tube bends, you should take in account the pressure of your pump. usually a D5 pump will work. there are smaller pumps out there. you have to look into coolant and keeping it algae free with biocide and a silver coil. this also states that it is best to buy new parts. i know from experience when buying used watercooling stuff like fittings pumps and reservoirs that the seller usually exaggeration the quality and state of the used product. just avoid all that nonsense with those punks and shop at performance pcs.com or Aquatuning. watch and read content on you tube and google for a better understanding of watercooling. watercooling is fun and looks awesome. hope you get up and running. here is my first W/C pc. i have since updated the guts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5rYhvwu8Bw

Alright thanks man, your way nicer and actually know what your talking about compared to the idiots that replied at linus tech tips telling me it would be way outta my price range to buy and maintain it. i mean i have a freaking 3k machine i am willing to work on it and give it a little more to make it last longer/preform better. thats the whole reason i posted asking about it. xD

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The Linus forums probably have an average user age of around 12 lol

Typically people on the internet are rude because they are safe in their space and the linus group crowd are mostly kids who think theyre smart because they watch all of linuses reviews on the latest tech release. mind you, these types of people exist everywhere, even here. So its best not to be affected by people response. you ask questions to try and learn and anybody bashing you for trying to exel in life is just an asshole with some sort of emotional issue buried deep inside.

heh, i did this post as both a real question on water cooling and to see once more who has the better community. i mean i wont stop watching linus's videos but over and over i have done the same test and every time tek syndicate comes out on top. i like it here. ill stay a while. heh

Most of what you want to achieve will depend on you budget.

  • 80mm thick 240mm front radiator (60mm thick is also ok)
  • slim 240 or 280mm top radiator (depending on your motherboard clearance)
  • dual 5.25 bay d5 vario pump/res combo. Tube res and such also good but the combo is dead easy to deal with.
  • titan waterblock - plenty of options about - ek, xspc, aquatuning etc
  • cpu waterblock - again you have options up the wazoo - just be sure its AM3 compatible
  • fittings and tubing - barbs are cheap, compression fittings arent. Stick to a size, dont mix (it wont hurt anything but its a golden rule not to). Choose tubing colour over fluid colour so you can just use demin water + additive (cheapest and the best). If you're unsure of a few possible bends buy extra fittings, nothing is worse than needing that 1 fitting that you hesitated getting.
  • high static pressure fans - noiseblockers, noctua's, corsair sps, scythe gts, silverstone ap's. Preferably choose ones that can run at a whisper quiet 5v.
  • Be prepared to spend a good few hundred $$$ as shipping for radiators and fittings can be a ball biter.

    Check out some watercooling build logs of your case - google is your friend. Plan it out, double check everything. Dummy fit, check again. Install, leak test. Tune fan speeds for good mix of temps vs noise. Party party party.