What do you think of this? (uk prices)

first heres the build:http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/rFSO

so at the moment i have £550 but i expect to get around £160 pocket money leading up to my birthday (march)were i will probably get £200+ so by the time its my birthday i should have £910 so my question is is this build worth it and can u recomend a case, moniter, mouse and keyboard which will not go over my budget maybe like by £50(at the most)

any help is appreciated

 Edit: This is for a first time gaming pc so any game suggestions would help also

If you are planing on waiting until march, I would suggest waiting for Haswell (next intel CPU launching in about june/july). There are supposed to be some good proformance boosts, and it might be a good idea to wait.

You should not get an AMD CPU for gaming. AMD hsa good stuff for hardcore video edditing/transcoding, but an i5 far and away out proforms the FX series. 

Spend money on the GPU with less on other stuff where posible, like using the stock cooler until you need/want to overclock.

check this: http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/sayW

I haven't looked through it extensivly, but its a place to start.

ok i might wait untill the haswell and thanks for the feedback and i notice u didnt put a psu on the build? but thanks for the suggestion


any other help

drop the h60 and get a i3570 for the same price.

New build with intel i5 http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/sbXh possible change to this build if i wait for the haswell to come out

Ya sorry about the PSU, I ment to put one in after I got the Graphics card but I forgot, the one you picked looks good.

Some haswell specks were just leaked, might want to look at them (Google Haswell), they don't seem to great, but I'll wait for Logans oppinion before I make any decissions about it.

Seriously though, you don't need that H60. Buy a better monitor, or a good mouse or something.


ok should i get the hyper 212 evo or just wait a bit before i try to overcloack 

I would wait, your i5 will be REALLY FAST when you get it, and you will only really need to overclock when it starts to feel slower. In tech, technology is constantly evolving, and you will be able to get something better, at a better price. Also you will have more money to spend now on something that you do need, something that cant be upgraded.

what u think of this http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/sjNL



Dude personally I would either get the 7870 or a 7970 the 7950 just isn't worth the extra cash but the 7970 is may sound strange but check out some benchmarks and not meaning to sound like a pirate but if your on a budget dont buy windows ;)

ok now any where i can pick it up is p****e b*y safe 


Dude, you can get a ligit version of window 8 for free, google it.  For gods sake, DONT BUY A DISC DRIVE AT ANY PRICE ABOVE $8! Just go to your neighbor and ask if you can borrow it when you need to or something. THEY ARE USELESS! Or, if you have another 
PC in your house, you can rip most ISOs to USB. Or just borrow it.