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What do you think of this build?

What do you think of this build? It will be used for gaming at 1440p 165hz and regular use.

should I upgrade the cpu to 3700x?

Right, OK.
Multiple tiny issues I have with this build.

  1. Why that MSI board? For that price I would go B550 Steel Legend because of the post code. Feature wise is there something specific from that MSI board you want?
  2. The SSD. It’s the low end NVMe drive with roughly 2GB read speed. The Intel 660, the Crucial P1, the Kingston A2000 - all low end NVMe drives. Spend a few bucks more and get something faster like the 8200Pro from ADATA. You get 3.5GB read… Almost double the speed for a few bucks more.
  3. You may want a bit more solid case than this Cooler Master. Honestly I don’t like any current case on the market, so I’m not really an authority, but in a 1600 build you may want to spend a bit more than 70 on a case.
  4. Here’s a pack of 5 fans that are just as good as the noctuas, but cost as much as 3 noctuas

If nothing else - get the better SSD. It’s literally 6$ difference for almost double the speed.

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agree on all fronts. so 3600 should be fine right instead of the more expensive 3700x?

  1. It was between msi board and that steel legend board. msi board had more reviews and all 5 eggs. that’s the only reason. i will switch to steel legend.

  2. agreed. had a samsung 970 evo in there but trying to cut some costs to get it down to $1500 budget.

  3. wanted a cheap high air flow case(budget). rather put money into the hardware.

  4. thanks

updated list here:

Well the 3600 is a great cpu. If you think you’ll need 8 cores, the 3700x is what you want.

I’m not really up to date on the requirements of modern games, but if you want a little breathing room, the 3700x is the way to go. It’s not too much more expensive either.


When are you planning to purchase?

Also why dual 1tb drives? Will you raid?

purchase soon.

no raid. just cheaper than 2tb sdd. want at least 2tb of storage for games and what not.

Right, so I don’t often say this but I’d hold off as Nvidia purportedly is launching the RTX3080 in 3-4 weeks.

I’ve made an adjusted list here

Changes include:
CPU cooler
Better motherboard
Better PSU
Better case
Saved some money on RAM and added a 2 TB M.2 drive instead.

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thx ill check it out

seems like this is the final build. updated to 3600x for $25 extra. I will wait for the rtx3080 to get better performance.

my one concern is “The ASRock B550 Steel Legend ATX AM4 Motherboard has an additional 4-pin ATX power connector but the SeaSonic FOCUS Gold 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply does not. This connector is used to supply additional 12V current to the motherboard. While the system will likely still run without it, higher current demands such as extreme overclocking or large video card current draws may require it.”

I assume my psu will still have a spare 4/8 pin I can use on the motherboard for the cpu correct? I am not doing any overclocking until cpu end of life.

While I don’t normally recommend going from the non-x to the x variant, in this situation it makes sense, simply due to the improved cooler, which, from the reviews I’ve seen, is entirely worth the $25 extra.

This is a concern, only if you’re using a 3900x or 3950x.

The Steel Legend has an 8 pin CPU connector, and an additional 4 pin CPU connector, for a total of 12 pins. You only need the 8 pin to provide power for the CPU you’re using, so you’ll only need to plug in the 8 pin.

That said, the concern I have is that you’re planning to use a 3080 with a 550w PSU.

I’m not sure what the power consumption of the 3080 will be, but if it’s anywhere in line with the 2080, you’ll be looking at an additional load of 200-250 watts, putting you at nearly 500w total.

While this is within the range of your power supply, it’s also up there. You won’t really have any room for overclocking and you definitely will be putting more stress on the PSU than I recommend. I would personally recommend a 600/650w PSU for your build.

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Yes, that’s a solid power supply. I’d personally prefer a modular unit, but that’s your choice.

EDIT: oh wow, the modular units are waaaaaay more expensive. That’s crazy. Bio-Malware is really messing with prices, huh?

Seconding the arctic fans, they’re what I use now because the performance for price is superior to noctua. I have a 3x2 row of them in a supermicro case so I can stay in the garage without having to listen to jet engines. When inside a case in a room they’re whisper quiet and you’ll not notice them over ambient noise.


Do you have a source for that? I thought Noctua still reign supreme.

It’s not that I don’t trust, just that I wanna see it with my own eyes.

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Look for a video of Optimumtech on YT.
He’s made a roundup of fans and a follow up video with other options as well.


Just for the record, the old F12 Arctic fans are even better, but they are fairly old now. F12 are even quieter, but that’s mainly because they are 1350rpm top.
Also the new P12 arctics have 10 years warranty…

Well if the initial goal is to get the best frame rates at 1440p,
out of a highend gpu like the upcomming RTX3080.
Then it might also be worth considering going with intel instead a core i5-10600KF,
with a good Z490 board.
Because the i5 is the better cpu for gaming alround.
although it does kinda depends on the games you play,
if that price premium is worth it over a 3600X or not.

But if this build would be a mix of gaming and productivity stuff,
then i would say yeah a 3700X would be a better economical choice then.

I could take a look into the Z490 lineup of boards,
to see what would be a nice board for a reasonable price,
around the same price range of the B550 Steel legend,
when you are eventually interested?

  • Gigabyte Z490 Vision G:

That would be my recommendation for $199,-
Good set of connectivity features like plenty of usb ports and intel 2.5G nic.
And also a pretty good vrm as well.
As far as i´m concerned the best z490 board i could find at this price point.

Just some additional food for thoughts maybe. :slight_smile:

Think I have to second that idea… 3600 would not be the cpu of choice for high frps gaming.

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The video Zszywany video posted is the perfect example. While noctua is still barely technically superior in performance in a few ways, you’re not likely to care unless you need something in a sound isolation booth for some reason or use your running computer as a pillow. So when you factor in the cost it becomes an absolute no brainer.

A single NF-A12 is ~$30
A five pack of P12’s are $38