What do you think about Steam Box

Just wondering what people think about Steam Box's.  It could be Steam OS or Windows that boots strait to Big Picture.  Just want to know what the community thinks about this. 

I personally think they should port steam's streaming feature to ARM. So you could have a sub $200 streaming box for the living room. That would be great for those of us who already have nice PC.

I like the idea of newbie friendly Linux gaming box. And the fact they plan in keeping most of the Debian stuff (apt-get) accessible is really cool.

If they can't keep the price competitive with consoles but have more powerful machine that is easy to use they may have a winner.

 Many of they steambox naysayers saying, "Who want a Linux video gaming machine?" are the same ones who said about Android, "Who wants a Linux based smartphone?"

The only thing I am dreading is the influx of people who tried to do dumb things and borked their install.

"Guys I loocked my self out of systemd"

"I deleted this thing call GRUB and now my machine won't boot"

"I run as root all the time so I don't have to type passwords"

"What do you mean repositories I just download everything from Pirratebay"

"I swapped to nightly repos to get better performance"

I agree, an arm Steam streamer would be an amazing thing.  I think it's going to be a lot more successful if they are able to get more split screen titles.  Right now I think that's one of the biggest things to overcome.