What do you think about my first build

I really needed a new computer since ive been doing video editing (camtasia 7) and gaming on a laptop.

so with much research ive come up with this budget build


I live in canada so this is a canadian build

And no im not thinking about getting into overclocking

Mostly going to be doing gaming, recording and video editing on this system

I am going to upgrade some parts down the line.

AMD build 

So tell me what u think... do u have a better build in mind?

It looks good (y)


I designed this, but not sure if the performance would be better or worse, a plus side, is habing the abilty to crossfire the 6800k and the 7770 Ghz Edition,should give you very good performance.

If you can get a better keyboard and mouse. If you have extra money try to fit in a 8 core such as 8120,8150,8320,8350. 

PSU is a huge overkill. You won't ever need more than 500W with this.

I recommend getting a decent mouse and a mousepad. Something like Logitech G400 and Steelseries QcK.

Thnx for the awesome comments guys :D