What do you need to set up a virtual machine for gaming?

I can set up a virtual machine mostly fine using "What if I want everything" but one of my problems is that I can't get any GPU drivers, I don't know if I need a second GPU, if it has to be the same GPU etc. etc.

PC specs might help:
Mobo: ASRock 930 Pro 3 (Not R 2.0)
If you need more then just ask, I have a define R4 so if I need to put in a second GPU I'm fine
(As long as it does not need to be a 760, then I can't $$ is a problem)

I'm not amd guy but if the proccess and board support that vga pass threw stuff you need two GPU of some kind, be it another GPU or an onboard one, I think two dedicated is easier to set up but idk. it does not have to be the same gpu.

Ok, if you know of any threads that say how to do the pass threw let me know. I have a few Radeon HD 6570's lying around so I can use those either as a main GPU and my 760 for gaming, or the other way around.

was going to try this but have not had the time.

lots of pages and setup help on the arch linux forum, but puget has a guild for ubuntu.
your motherboard/cpu have to support it and then you need to GPUs, and i think one has to have uefi support.

In order to use the Direct I/O virtualization feature like VT-D (Intel) feature or the AMD equivalent feature in a CPU you must use a second GPU.

A good place to start : https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/what-if-i-want-everything/41520

Good luck

Oops I see you are already there...

also dont forget to enable "IOMMU" in the BIOS menu...