What Do You Guys Think Of This 7870





I'm having trouble removing the slots on the back of my chassi but this card would not require that also it is the cheapest?

You still need to remove two expansion slots to fit that card.

Don't you already have a thread about this?

Nah u dont because it doesnt have an output on the top

you still have to remove expantion slots for that card. but other than that its a 7870 ghz edition, which is a pretty good card.

Can i like post a picture later and one of u guys help me figure out how to remove the expansion slots?

It is very simple. Simply unscrew the thumbscrews that are on the inside of the case, physically inside the case.

You will have to remove two expansion slots on your case to fit it in the case. It literally will not fit otherwise. Other than that, it seems like a pretty outstanding deal for a 7870 to me.