What do I need for software development(laptop)?

Hey guys, do I need any thing special for programming or software development as far as hardware in a laptop?

You dont need anything but you should get Linux, any hardware is fine as long as Linux supports it.

Alright that is what i though is there any where that i an check the compatibility decently easy?

what laptop is it?

Right now I am looking at the Dell xps line up the 13 or 15, problem i am having is justifying the cost in comparison to something like a gaming laptop where it would be very close hardware but $400 less just more bulky and would have to get a extra battery.

are you a computer science student or just self teaching yourself?


That Dell should work but if I was you dont go for the gaming laptop. Save the money, you may not have a lot of time for gaming once you begin programming.

What I mean is the gaming laptops I have looked at are the same or better specs for a lower price as the xps15 just bulkier than the dell.

ok nvm, bulkier probably wont be a problem as long as you are ok with walking with it. I would go with them if you are set on that price.

Alright thanks nice to talk out an idea after saying it makes it sound like an easy choice

Yeah, if it has better specs for a lower price and you are okay with hauling around a bigger and heavier machine then I would say yes buy it.

Yeah i looking at one that is $900 for an 7700hq and a 1050ti. The dell is $1200 after a discount and it only has a 1050 $900 may be a bit to big but if there is one there are more for that price or a bit more

get a old thinkpad, upgrade the ram and storage, and (optionally) switch out the keyboard.
BoOom programming machine.

or get a new thinkpad like me...

i have though about that a lot i really like thinkpads only problem I have is i do a bit of video editing and havent seen one with a decent GPU for rendering.

thinking about it i can just save video work for the desktop what thinkpad models shouild i be looking at there seems to be alot of them

I personally have the thinkpad e570 because there was a deal https://forum.level1techs.com/t/convince-me-from-buying-a-lenovo-e570/109907?u=bedhedd that dropped it to $600

The laptop I use is a dual core so if you want a quad core make sure to check for deals or see if any other forum members have any experiences with other thinkpads

you can also restore a old thinkpad like the video i mentioned

try looking at threads like this
T420 seems like a recommendation