What do i do with my old pc?

i have a 8350 with a sabertooth 990fx motherboard just sitting in my room. What can i use this for?

Stream machine/HTPC?

Learn Linux if you haven't. It's what I'm doing with my old rig

I see three options.

1/ A plex media server and file server Linux (if you have the time and patience to learn what you need to learn) or regular old Windows would work nicely with this. With 8 cores you'd be able to service a house/apartment full of laptops, smartphones, HTPC's etc without breaking a sweat.

/2 Rebuild it as a gaming machine and either gift it or sell it on to a friend or family member who wants to get into PC gaming. You probably know at least one or two people who are not impressed by the current generation of consoles and wouldn't mind getting into PC gaming if the price is right. Pro Tip: don't do this for just anyone, do it for the kind of person who firstly can afford to buy any missing parts that are required and secondly has the brains necessary to understand what he/she is getting.

/3 Carefully package it and store it for a rainy day, by rainy day I mean tears of sorrow cause you managed to do something awful to your current PC. A long time ago when I had upgraded from an Athlon64 to a CoreQuad the motherboard in my CoreQuad PC shit itself and took out itself and the CPU just a few months out of warranty, having my old parts meant I wasn't totally PC-less while I got replacement parts.

I was looking at ubuntu server. how good is that?

If you have no prior Linux experience, I would say its a good OS to start with. Not as light weight or up to date as others but certainly user friendly.

Any plans?

In my opinion;

  1. Build a Linux machine out of it, gain experience and start programming with it. But only if you're into that and prepared to jump through some hoops to learn Linux.

  2. Build another gaming/media PC out of it and use it for streaming, or for when someone is coming over and he/she/you want to play a game with 'em over LAN or something, that's a great option in my opinion.

  3. Sell it! You can easily sell the parts and use that for other things, maybe upgrading your computer, buying a used car or something. Go crazy.

  4. If you really want to ditch it, you can also give it to me. Since I don't have a single computer at the moment :) (using my brother is laptop at the moment)

5.personal favourite Build a homeserver out of it (a.k.a. NAS) and use it as a backup/file/webserver. Since it's a nice AMD 8core you can also run a CounterStrike Source server on it or something like that.

wanted to use the old pc for a website to sell e-manga i make in the future.

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