What did you think of be3 just now?

I was blown away by the new crafting and building system that fallout 4 is going to have! Who's buying a pipboy? My moto x2 better fit in it! :)

It did get me a bit hyped for Doom, Dishonoured 2 and Fallout 4. I won't be preordering anything though.

The least excitement that came from the crowd was Fallout Shelter announced. HA! all mobile games suck I don't see this being too different but I'll give it a chance.

The building system for houses was sick! I was not expecting that at all! I'm just waiting for them to allow multiplayer/co-op

Doom seemed kind of eh, I mean it looked fantastic but It wasn't fast enough. I hope that pre render is not indicative though.

im thinking someone will create a mulitplayer mod. My hopes are my gtx780 can hang with these new titles.

The only way I'm buying a pip boy is if it includes an actual Geiger Counter.

Still. HYPED

You could mod it there are geiger counter kits available but I think they are $100+.

Definitely. Bethesda games really aren't at the bleeding edge of graphical fidelity.

I was just thinking when I saw the dog on fallout 4 "great they didn't spend the whole time on designing its hair they spent the whole time making it act like a real dog" The community usually steps in and a hd mod is created and we all smile. When I bought my GTX780 I became a graphics whore and realized most of the games I was buying based on graphic fidelity where not impacting me like hl2, stalker, or fallout 3+. At this point we are just hoping the game works which is sad. WKPSFBX whats ur fav game this year (2014-2015 released already)

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.....building houses and settlements?

I think I just died from the hype.

Probably Witcher 3. So much to do and experience. Also one of the most graphically intense games that have came out, though that's not a requirement or even a usual thing in my top games list. I actually had to stop playing it since it was taking all my free time. Next time I have at least a week off, I'll resume.

Fallout Shelter is actually half decent. I enjoy it.

As to the question I missed the event itself so I had to watch a rerun on YouTube. Fallout 4 looks epic. The map appears to be massive with what looks to be an Urrban City and Suburban town. I love crafting, how power armor works (iron man few), and even the voiced protagonist. Everyone thought that the graphics were subpar but to me they look a little short of Crysis 3. I can't wait for November. I like that they now have a collectors edition with the PipBoy. They need to make a stand alone smart watch or something.

Like I've said before it would be cool to maintain a village and have people move in with quests and even better if it were a vault which is highly probable considering Fallout Shelter.

Back to power armor. It is finally being implemented as it should be. I love how it is standalone, but at the same time hope that I'm not restricted as to when and where I can wear it. I think things such as flamethrowers built into the gauntlet or shields that emerge from your pal or even rockets would be pretty epic... Especially considering I plan to slaughter ghouls. Damn zombies.

Maybe we could restore the Vaults as well. I want to be overseer of Vault 111.

How open is the Witcher 3? Is it like Skyrim in that respect?

Seriously? It's $60 more than the base game... Makes wonder a little about the quality now that I actually type that :).

Very open. Though not absolutely open, there are two large areas (Velen, Skellige) you can probably move between (haven't got to that part yet) and a smaller starting area which is basically a tutorial zone, though it doesn't feel like that. Then there are some smaller zones like the royal palace in Wizima, Kaer Morhen etc.

Good point.

But mainly, I just want a PIP boy that's fully functional. Map, geiger counter, all of it.

You think its limited to power armor im a leather jacket man myself :)

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Brotherhood of Steel ftw. Hopefully you like the black leather jackets more so than the brown ones :). I don't expect leather jackets to have missles and crap lol :)