What CPU to pair with HD7790 2GB Ed

I picked up a Saphire HD7790 2GB card because it was at a decent price ($129), and I'm going to throw it in my parents PC (Celeron g1620) for about 3 weeks, until I can afford to put together my budget rig.

I really want to go really cheap, but with room to grow, so I was thinking of going for a g1620 inside a b75 board, because with the LGA1155 socket I could go all the way up to an i5 if I wanted to later on. This would be great since the g1620 is only $49, and when I upgrade I could use it for a budget NAS or upgrading my pfsense box.

So I've kinda sold myself on it, but for an extra $30 I can get a g2130 pentium. Would the g2130 give me a significant gain in gaming at all? Or is it best save this $30 for a later upgrade?

Anyway with all that said, the reason I posted here wasn't just to get a celeron vs pentium comparison, it was actually to ask about the AMD side of things. I'd love to do an AMD build since I've never actually done one. The problem is, i know nothing about what AMD has to offer haha!

I remember when I was considering an APU for my parents, it seemed that AMD boards cost more but the processors are much better value, but there wasn't much room for upgrading on the APU side. That's all I really know.

To make a long and terribly worded post short, what CPU should I pair with my HD7790 when wanting to spend as little money as possible? 


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id say the athlon 750k wouldnt be bad to pair with that, but i you do go with this make sure u get an FM2+ board so you can upgrade in the future if u so choice to.

Pair it up with a CPU like an Athlon X4 760K.  Your APU isn't going to be doing much with a dedicated GPU.  The Athlon X4 760K is basically an AMD A10-6800k with no iGPU.

AMD Athlon II X4 760K 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor

Pair it up with a CPU like an Athlon X4 760K. 

Both CPUs seem like great options but I'm struggling to find them on the sites I usually use for some reason, were they phased out or something? The 760K was $90~ on amazon, but 9/10 amazon sellers don't ship here(Australia).

The only thing a little off putting by these CPUs was the pricing of the boards:

Asrock b75 4 dimm board is $65

Cheapest 4 dimm FM2+ board is $109


Here's the 2 sites I'm mostly stuck to and have had great experiences with (pccasegear is in my state, so cheap quick shipping, msy is 20mins away from me by car):



Is perhaps intel the best bet after all in my situation?

You could also go AM3+



Question: Is it normal I can't shirt+enter new lines? With out it my posts look ridiculous.

Anyway in the end, after mulling over choices I ended up with intel again as usual haha!

This is the build I put together, with all parts purchased from MSY, let me know where I can improve:

The Build


Gigabyte B85M-D3H 4xDDR3 Dual Graphics Capable Motherboard


Intel Pentium G3220 3.0GHz 3MB LGA1150 CPU


Kingston ValueRam 4GB DDR3 1600MHz Desktop Ram


Sapphire HD7790 2GB OC Edition


WD 3.5" Blue 1TB SATA3 64M 7200rpm HDD


Corsair VS450 450W Power Supply Units PSU


Fractal Design CORE 1000 Mini Tower Case USB 3.0


Total: $383 (inc GPU $512)




Possible Changes:

Better PSU – Higher quality/wattage

Reason for: More reliable, more future proof for upgrades

Reason against: Budget. VS450 is a cheap PSU and have no issues with replacing completely later, given it's price. May be useful for a small capacity NAS or HTPC build in the future too.

Buy an extra low noise fan or two

Reason for: Cooler/Quieter Machine.

Reason against: Unsure if it'll need it heat-wise, or how loud the default fans are. Can buy at any time later if so.

Future Plans:

More RAM


Sandisk Ultra Plus 128GB SSD


Intel Core i5 4670 CPU


Better GPU



If I were on a budget like that I'd pick up an evga 500b PSU. It comes to like 30$ after tax and has 2 strong 12v rails

Unfortunately for my wallet, I live in Australia, so for me the only place I could find that PSU after a quick google was ebay for $56 + $50 shipping. Link where you found it though though, I may luck out with shipping, you never know.

I'm pretty much limited to:



With MSY preferable as there's no shipping cost for me.

There is also http://au.pcpartpicker.com, but 9/10 times it just links to pccasegear or some weird site with crazy shipping and payment methods.

Everywhere else in Australia has prices not for the pc builder but for the guy that walked in and said "My PC is slow, milk my wallet pls" lol.