What CPU Cooler should I takeeeee?

H80i, H100, H100i, H110 or Swiftech H220?

I am looking to overclock to 4.4Ghz and I need a good Degree/$ Ratio.

What case do you have, do you care if its loud, and would you ever expand the loop ? 

HAF X, I don't care and No.


Kraken x60 still hast the best performance for closed loops, H220 performs worse and expanding a closed loop? It's only a dual slim 120 radiator, I wouldn't want to run a gpu + cpu off that. Not to mention you'll get incredibly poor flow if you added anything to the loop what with the miniscule pump that they slap on top of the block.


Well i meant add a Rad and block, Hopefully no ones stupid enough to try and run a CPU + GPU off a Single 120mm slim rad, and the Pump in the H220 is far from miniscule, its actually just as powerful as a normal Pump youd buy for a regular closed loop kit.


And not to bash tom, but his review is far outside the what everyone else is saying, so id take an Average of what most reviews are saying. 

heres a list of H220 Reviews and One even Includes a breakdown of that Block/Pump combo, which could definitley support a GPU + CPU loop.