What Cooling fluid should i use?

I'm going to watercool my computer. And i have a choise between these cooling fluids.

AquaComputer Double protect Ultra

EK - Ekoolant

Feser One Cooling Fluid


So, which one?

I'm not an expert, but I've heard that distilled water is better than any other coolant.

I like Mayhems coolant, but it depends on what components you are using. Feser, especially their red coolant, will stain your tubing and linger stubbornly in your radiators. Just to note, almost every colored fluid will dye flexible tubing. To an extent, Mayhems pastel gets around this by not using a dye in their fluid, instead using very, very small  particles of colorant. It is a good idea to use at least an anticorrosion additive if you aren't using a premix or a concentrate (in the case of using distilled water.)