What configuration for my PC Cooling

The case I am getting is the Fractal Design Mini R2


It has 

FRONT 2x120mm

REAR 1x120mm

TOP 2x140mm; 1x120mm+1x140mm; or 3x120mm

BOTTOM 1x120mm

I am ordering a 240mm Corsair Hydro series h100i water cooler. 

So I need help where to put what, exhaust or intake where.

I will most likely be installing a PSU that will cover up the bottom fan. Is this not recommended?  



This picture has it pretty much right.

i would say

  • 2 120mm fans in the front as intake.
  • 1 120mm fan on the bottom as intake
  • 1 140mm fan on the back exhaust if fits, otherwise a 120mm
  • H100i putt the fans ontop of the radiator in pull, and screw it to the top of the case, letting it pull air from inside the case through the radior. The reason why i recomend pull over push, is because its easier to clean the dust. offcourse if you have some extra fans you could offcourse make it a push pull.

I think that will be the best configuration.