What company do you prefer and why?

Not sure If I put this in the right area, if not please excus me, With age, I find my eyesight getting to the point I can no longer trust myself to put a computer together myself. 

I have over the last 10 years let cpu solutions do the barebones stuff, Sell me the case and put in the motherboard and power supply. The rest I did myself. 

Just kinda wonderd if anyone else did the same thing, and what company did you use??  Why did you use it?? 

Myself, the company impresses me because a real person picks up the phone, They get the order on a monday, and I have the computer at my door no later than thursday, most the time its wendsday, 

This last build, they really dropped the ball, turns out I needed a bigger power supply, With one phone call, one e mail, Not only did they aplogize, and simply said no excuse, your right, we messed up!

To make things right, they put in a better, powersupply, They are gonna next day ship it, Its not gonna cost me a dime. So in short, they have a loyal customer.