What case would be best for me?

Hi all!

A long while back I talked about building my PC, and doing all of that jazz. It's up and running, but the case has gone to crap for me.

Power light's failed, I had to repair the power switch after the cables came loose, the motherboard-side door doesn't fit on with all of my cables, the fans make a horrible whirr as the air passes through, an inclusion of a liquid cooler means that I now have no exhaust, (well, I do but the way I've had to set it up means that the hot air just gets pulled out and back in again by the fan below), and all in all I wish I had spent more money on one...

...ahem. Anyway, I need a case that could do:

6 hard drive mounts (1 for SSD, 1 for 2TB HDD, 4 for 4x2TB RAID (I know I can build a NAS box but to buy a 4 drive one the price is ridiculous))

3.5" HDD hotswap bay (if the case doesn't have one, I'll buy one)

Two (if no hotswap bay, three) 5.25" bays

Room for a Cooler Master Seidon 140v (placed at the back)

Mounts at the top of the case for exhaust.

I've found a few, but if you've found good ones, tell me! (budget is up to 130, could stretch it slightly)

Antec Lanboy Air (need to get a 3.5" hotswap bay)


Thermaltake Overseer RX-1


Antec P193 (think I need a hotswap bay, but has a 3.5" drive bay at the front, is it hotswappable?)


Antec P280 (again, I'll get a hotswap bay)


I'll be getting the case for my birthday, which is in November. What case do you think is best?

Thanks everyone!

I recommend the Phanteks Enthoo Pro


NZXT switch 810


Fractal Arc XL

Okay! Thanks for your suggestions.

Here's my thoughts:

Enthoo: Nice looking, large, and good price. Comprised of mostly metal.

NZXT: Stunning to look at, really nice and large, and has a hot swap bay, so I don't need to buy one.

EDIT: Changed my mind. I'm going to be getting the Enthoo Pro. It's way cheaper, and mostly comprised of metal.

Thank you so much; it was such a tossup, and these cases you both have shown tower over the ones I picked, so thanks again!


I think you should go with the fractal design define r4


This right here.