What can i do with a bunch of old computer?

So i recently inherited 6 old computers.
3 Lenovo 430’s
1 Lenovo 440
1 panasonic toughbook CF-54
1 dell inspiron i5-2500K

I polished them all up, installed linux on all of them and they are all purring just nicely…

But practically i don’t even need any of these computers, so is there anything neat/cool i can do with this stack?


If you have need of any light servers, laptops have a built in UPS, built in monitor, keyboards, pointing device and they sip power. They just aren’t that expandable making things like storage and connectivity options limited.

That said,

Since you say you don’t have a use for them, you could also donate them to several charities for people who need assistive devices to communicate with the world who can’t afford them.

Lots of options available really.


Give them to poor children at the end of the street … :wink:

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I’m with Tim on this one. Maybe go to a local school and ask the principal if there are some kids that might need those laptops.
P.S. not now obviously, but when the emergency is over.