What Audio Systems do you have?

I'd like to know what audio systems you have

I'll start:


Nad T744 5x50watts

And an old Yamaha reciever i found for the sub


Front: Patos Basic 310 (The fake chinese ones:()With one busted treble element

Back: Random Phillips Speakers

Senter: It doesn't have a name, i found it.

Sub: Home made with an element i found.

Sound Card: Creative X-Fi extreme gamer.

Since i'm a cheap bastard, I've only payed for the two speakers, the cables and the sound card:D

onboard sound with masonware bootleg ass 5.1 speakers that only play music/anything else when using front audio settings :(

I won't go into it all since I have a whole studio full of shit, but for primary playback I use:

A Tascam CD-160 CD Player(backup) and a rackmount Tascam CD-01U CD player(primary)

A Yamaha MG32/14FX board mixer

Two Alesis DEQ-230 rackmount programmable digital stereo graphic EQ's

And two ART SLA1 power amps (100W @ 8ohm) powering a pair of Yamaha NS-10M's. I also have an E-MU PS12 subwoofer (200W). I also use a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 headphones (for mixing and monitoring) and a pair of Skullcandy SK-Pro headphones (for music), both powered by a SMPro HP4v 4 channel headphone amplifier.

I think that's about it for playback. :)

Sony STRD2600ES 7.1 Receiver in BLACK with 1080P upscaling

Sony 7.1 Speaker system

MY PS3 conected with HDMI into the Receiver then out of the Receiver to Sony SXRD PROJECTOR

PC connected via creative X-FI

Waiting on my logitech z-5500

freebie headphones (they work....) gonna get a nice headset with my new rig

I have the Audioengine D1 DAC/Headphone amp, a pair of KRK Rokit 5 speakers and Beyerdynamic DT-990 Premium headphones along with a Zalman ZM-Mic1 clip-on microphone.

I'm not a big audiophile so...

Amp: DENON AVR-1802

Speakers: 2x Bose, 2x unknown brand (MC Crypt?)

Sub-woofer: Bose passive (connected with the two Bose speakers)

Soundcard: Onboard

(don't mind the painted red. It's for my upcoming m-ITX build)

Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card

Sherwood receiver

Polk Audio monitor II 40 bookshelf speakers

Polk Audio 10" subwoofer

Sennheiser HD 558 headphones

I'm thinking about selling the bookshelf speakers and getting some klipsch floor standing speakers instead to get better audio quality and free up some desk space at the same time. 

Hm. Nothing fancy (budget and all that), so just a usb soundcard (creative sb X-Fi) with minor amping, and Beyerdynamic dt880 / Sony zx700 headphones. Seems to be enough for my needs.

Hmmm without my guitar rig included it goes something like this:

Audio technica ATH m50 headphones

M-audio av40 speakers

M-audio profire 2626 interface

KRK RP10s subwoofer

ASUS Xonar Essence STX

Denon AVR 889

Energy RC30 speakers


Thats whats left. Sold quite a few things that weren't necessary. I'd like to add an HSU vtf15h subwoofer, monitor audio RX2 bookshelf speakers, yamaha HS80M monitors and some room correction materials.

Don't need much besides my headphones for my PC, so I stick all my extra audio money into speakers/subs for my car :)

4 JL Audio door speakers

10" Pioneer Champion Pro running at 750w RMS powered by a HiFonics HFI 1000.1D

Kenwood LCD Display head unit

I have a Realistic 5 band stereo equalizer and an old school Realistic STA-100 stereo receiver with Bose speakers hooked up to it for TV and PC.  Gets the job done.

Love my headphones... $25 Monoprice 8320 headphones.  Better than any Beats or Turtle Beaches you've ever heard...  Not too comfortable before I put on replacement DT 250 pads and added padding to top of em.  They're great now though. 

However, I have the nicest system in my car... I often have problems with my windshield wipers staying on the windshield when I crank it up.

-2400 RMS watt Hifonics Brutus amp

-2 RE SXX 12 inch subs, each pumping ~1240 RMS watts clean unclipped bass @ 1 ohm with a -3db 45Hz test tone.

-Rockford Fosgate 10 farad cap

-MTX RE-Q5 for integrating my system in with my stock radio (So I can have voice activated Sync in my Fiesta)

-All 0 gauge wiring, including the big 3.

Also had to upgrade my alternator... Excessive Amperage 200amp alternator.  Wouldn't recommend them, took 5 months to get it... DOA.  Fixed after I sent it back and waited another 2 and a half months though.  Works great now, still wouldn't buy from them again

Wow... I got off topic. Sorry haha

Source: GTX570 (SLI) Nvidia HD Audio HDMI out

DAC: Onkyo TX-805 

Fronts: Martin Logan Motion 40 

Center: Martin Logan Motion 8

Rear: Martin Logan Motion 2 

Sub: Dynaudio Sub600 (Very good sub)

Default at 24 bit 48KHz because its alot more responsive and pritty much all Audio is recorded at this sample so no need to go any higher. Would like to know what sample rate everyone els is running at. 


I went for a lo cost solution(budget issues).
I wanted to build my own amp, so i bought some transistors and started thinkerig.
I thinkered, but since i am not an expert in analog electronics, i just could't get much power form it, so i went to the next option. My friend made lots amps withe tda ic, mostly with TDA7294, but it seems that the ic is kinda prone to malfunctions and emmision of white smoke. So i just decided to ingore integrated amplifiers, and the only tek left was vacuum tubes. So i grabbed two old radios that used vacum tubes, i took the power transformer, tubes, and output transofrmers. I bought a chassis, drilled the holes, and in no time i had a 5W diy vacuum tube amplifier. As for speakers i grabbed the some old speakers form the attic, 10W max, they will have to do for now.

For a while now i am collecting parts for a new, more powerfull tube amp. If anyone is interested in building a diy amplifier(integrated or with tubes, or any other electronic device), you can pm me.


so, i had alpine type R 5.25" in the front of my car (with 1" tweeters). type S 6x9" speakers in the back deck. with a 12" type R subwoofer.

anyway, car was destroyed, soi took the sub out of it. i have a pc power supply hooked up to an amp, which is connected to the sub and 5 small 15watt wall speakers. so its my gettoh stereo set up right now.


and ATH-M50's for my computer.

Let’s see, in the living room there’s a Pioneer VSX-519V receiver a three-year-old Sony Blu-ray player for CDs as well as an 80’s era Toshiba SR-F100 turntable for vinyl. (Yes vinyl.)

The speakers are Phase Technology 5T’s in the front, a Sony SS-CN5000 center, Koss HH1225’s for the surrounds and a Sony SA-W3000 subwoofer.

As for headphones, if I’m sitting around near an amplifier I like my 1974 Koss Pro 4AA’s.

And for more portable purposes, my [non vintage] Koss PortaPro’s and my Zune HD.

How llong you had the 5T's?

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