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What are you're weird medicinal tea recipes?

I have discovered that you can make tobacco tea. And is good for waning people off of smoking. I prefer green tea. But tobacco seems to be good for arthritic inflammation. And helps strong anxiety. I just take dried up snus packets and drop them in hot water.

Ewww, what? Eww!
I need to try that just for the sake of it.

I use Swedish snus because it is the most natural and has no added stuff to it.

So Ettan or General tea is good eh?

I would not use a strong portion. I would only steep it for a very short period of time. Because it can really speed up the heart rate and only have the tea very weak. Because the nicotine can be a bit of a danger. Where as just using it as intended like snus is safer. But it’s something different. Maybe have a banana before you drink it.

We’ve made jokes about snus tea countless times but I’ve never considered it in reality.
Oh well, now I’m eager… what harm would it do to try? Worst thing that can happen is it’ll taste horrible.
I mean we eat tar and ammonium chloride all the time so this wouldn’t maybe be the weirdest thing after all lol.

I used to make a tea for stomach ache with, allegedly, “venomous” Boldo leaves that grew in my winter garden before i knew they were venomous.
Lo and behold, it actually worked!

Btw, does venomous Boldo exist? A dude told me that the one variety i had on my garden was no bueno, but i never actually researched. It had round, green and fat leaves.

Does the leaves bite? Then yea they might be venomous. Or did you mean poisonous? :wink:
Surprisingly a lot of stuff is posonous, even a bunch of normal food we eat, but the thing is if you don’t overdose you’re fine.

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Poisonous, there we go, sorry for the confusion! :sweat_smile:

I made pine needle tea a couple times just for fun. Supposedly during the US revolutionary war many people died of scurvy on prison ships anchored within a couple hundred feet of pine trees that could have kept them alive. It’s very high in vitamin C. I made it fairly weak and I don’t know if Long Leaf Pine is ideal, but it was honestly better tasting than it sounds.

I’ve also used Key Lime leaves. Persian Lime leaves smell terrible, but Key Lime leaves taste like lime and are supposedly used in Asian cooking. Goes good with rice in Mexican food too. I made a tea with those leaves and some peppermint I had growing. I made peppermint limeade many times. Limes are by far my favorite citrus fruit.

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Pine needles are a great source for C like you said, the best are the new bright green parts that grow out in spring (what do you call them in english?)

Off topic, but like in a survival situation it’s more important to get vitamins and minerals instead of food to stay functional. (Leaving hydration out of this)

Wormwood tea is popular among the afghan people for it’s health benefits.

Bought a whole bag, cheap from amazon. Not exactly sure if i bought the right stuff. Basically tastes poisonous, even at mild dosage, Perhaps i bought the wrong wormwood leaves, no idea.

Chamomile and hops. Really relaxing.

My parent’s are really into lemon balm tea.
Apparently has some good calming effects and it’s good for the digestive system.

Next to that is stinging nettle leaf tea for those with allergies. It helps a little for me but you might get better results.

My medicinal tea recipe:

  • Go see a doctor
  • Consult a local pharmacist
  • Avoid the Chinese remedies like the plague
  • Get sweaty at Planet Fitness
  • Wring out my wet shirt into a water bottle
  • Drink my all natural remedy

The ladies love it.

I love Rooibus (African Red Bush Tea), and that Kombuchas is good, but beer is better. Beer is tea, right?