What are your Favorite Video Game Teasers/Trailers?

Most impactful, most emotional, etc.

We're not talking about objective things like how well it shows off what the game actually is.
Ex: "This is trailer is the best because it displays all of the things you can do in it"

COD infinite warfare
But halo has to be up there.
They just make it epic looking.
Like it just seems so big.

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GRIP made an amazing start aswell:

And number three:

Hideo Kojima's MGS4 trailer. Man, that was a crazy time back then. It was a 15 min trailer of pure epicness.

Some of my favs. I'll try to think of more.

Mega hype for this (I think it was the first one iirc) SWtOR cinematic

This one got me super hyped. Amazing how things can turn out lol

As a vanilla WoW player, this one was huge

My Favorites:

Bioshock infinite. The Beast of America one

I think the song fits the game really well.

Killing Monsters

Battlefield 1

Again, really nice song choice

Most of the Halo Trailers

Don't think i have watched so many trailers but i remember some that left a good impression on me.

That one trailer for ODS..

Oh you fucker.. ;)

The Crew E3 announcement trailer

Imagine: Star Citizen

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Oh yeah that imagine one was amazing. I forgot about it. Definitely in my top 3.

I think after BFBC 2 the BF3 trailer was fucking epic. It looked like a huge step up in graphics and was pretty epic. The take off mission is awesome and so is jumping out of the plane. That was a good single player.

Dead Island trailer always give me the shivers.

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In all honesty this has always been my favorite video game trailer besides the rayman legends one

I always liked this Crysis 2 trailer

I knew I was gonna be seeing this one lol

Happy to oblige!