What are you planing for your retirement? (Stolen from /r/sysadmin)

So I read this post on reddit where sysadmins talk about their retirement plans.
Since I am only 28 I haven´t made up my mind about that topic apart form financial plans.
What are your plans? Become a gardner? Travel the world? Shout at people in front of stores how you had to plug in a cable into your phone to charge it?

Sometime before I actually retire, I hope to buy some land up north. I want it to be separated from society, in the sense of a large city, suburb, or the general “to-do” of everyday life. Think of a farm town, or one of those summer beach towns you visit on vacation, where no one takes anything to seriously. It is there that I want to begin earlier in life vacationing and then moving on to never leaving.

I would want to try and be a bit more self-sufficient in terms of the basic necessities of life. Learn to grow some of my own food, raise animals, get fire wood by myself, and most importantly…get back to building things. The convenience of amazon and the like have allowed me to become less creative and work with my hands less because whatever I need is just 2 days away with amazon or some nearby store.

Enjoying nature, hiking, fishing, or even just having a cup of coffee watching the sky. That is what my retirement will hopefully be… Now it is just a matter of getting there and making it a reality.

I retired (early) two years ago.

Short version, I follow my hobbies as hard today as I studied in college. Other than that, I’m still the same Unixy neckbeard schlub. The travelling the world part comes along with it, because cool stuff happens everywhere. Ironically, I also did become a gardener, because I love good weed in the same way that I loved good beer as a homebrewer.

My next major life project will be building my house. Everything about houses is wrong, so I’m going to have to start from scratch. Building code sucks, and tossing the current state of cannabis legalization into the mix and I have surprisingly few options.


My plan is to start saving as early as i can so ill have plenty of it blow as i grow old.

Beyond that i dont know. Will probably continue to explore my interests and perfect my crafts



Oh man if I were to build a house I would put Ethernet ports in every room even the kitchen

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Have you looked into Powerline Adapters? They’re not as clean-looking as ethernet jacks, but they offer the same advantages.