What are you currently using for headphones?

I'm creating this thread to see what types of headphones or headsets you're using currently, your opinions on them, are you planning to upgrade, etc, etc.

Right now I'm currently using a pair of Skullcandy 2XL Shakedowns that I bought at a Walgreens for $20. They sound decent to my ears, bass can get punchy depending on the source.

I did want to plan on getting a pair of Roland RH-300s, a pair or Sony MDR-V150s, or a pair of Skullcandy Hesh headphones...

Tell me what you got.


My current headphone is the Sennheiser HD800.

It's pretty much the highest of high-end, except for Stax phones.

They're very neutral, even to the point where they begin to sound boring.

But that's the thing, high end is more targeted towards reproducing audio exactly as it was recorded. 

  you can hear a singer's lip smacking on vinyl !

Steelseries Siberia V2. Excellent overall value. Not overly expensive at around $70-80. Love the robust retractable microphone in the left can. High's and mids are sharp/clear. Bass is VERY nice. Sound is overall well -balanced. Great for listening to all kinds of music and or watching movies. Excellent for locating enemies in FPS games. Another plus is they are light weight and don't put too much pressure on your head, yet they stay very solidly in place.

AKG K512 are rightnow sitting on my head. They are great but are not very good for longer sessions. A bit to much pressure and they get really warm on my ears. But I still like them. I got them 3 years ago and they still do their job! But I'm buying Steelseries Siberia V2 in a week so I can game and be on the PC with the V2's and the AKG's are my "out of the house" and headphones for my guitar headphoneamp.

I used to use a set of earbuds that I found on the floor for the past year or so..

Currently, I have a pair of urbeats earbuds that my brother gave to me. They're pretty good I suppose.

I think I will invest in a good quality headset for gaming and music, probably Steelseries Siberia V2 or whatever else is on sale at the time.

Edit: Can anyone recommend me a good £30-£60 headset for mainly music and gaming? I'm no audiophile, but I do enjoy my music.

ATH M50 (Audio Technica). Love these things. Closed ear. Might be a bit heavy for really long sessions, but I like the fit. Great review off of headphone/audio sites. I got them for audio and gaming (what a pain to hook up regular headphones to the xbox 360! - glad I made the switch to PC). They're fantastic. Can't say enough good things about these things. Just saw them on sale for $88 on a slickdeals.net item. I'm sure there are other good cans out there, but I've been more than happy with these.


Got'em for Christmas last year but don't really use them often since I reconfigured my PC on my floor instead of my desk


Just some ATH-M50's

Sennheiser HD650's correctly powered by a Schiit Lyr! I did however just snag a set of Corsair 2100's because I miss a fun, bassy, simulated 7.1 headset for gaming. 

sony mdr-zx100's cost ~$20-30, as much as i'd like to upgrade to something a bit nicer (at m30's maybe) but I just can't rationalize it as they still function perfectly and they have damn fine sound, I just wung it when I bought them and turns out many reviews praise them for their quality for the price, to me at least they sound pretty flat maybe preferring the lows a bit more

Got a Logitech g930 and I really like them :)
The sound is good, but it had a small issue/easy fix with the bass scrambling, which i just had to turn down sorround volume.

It disconnects rarely, but it have happened before i few times... Owned them for 2 years now, given them some rough handling and they are still in tip top shape.

Thinking about buying Astro gaming a50 headsett because it has optical option and I have heard/read that they have better sound quality. And I think it will be a better / more stable connection with 5,4Ghz instead og 2,4Ghz.

If you know any pros and cons on swapping out g930 with astro a50, please let me know

I have a pair of Shure Se210 in-ear buds which I use almost everyday on to the go with my cellphone. They are not noise isolating or anything but they have a good balanced sound with not too much bass (hate bass) and a refined mid-range and nice treble. Used to have a Shure E3C, those were excellent too but lasted me only about a year or so, sadly. I can really recommend these if you can get them now because I they are discontinued.
My brother had a Bose active noise cancelling thingy and the first time I tried them on and turned on the circuit without plugging them into anything I thought they were magic. So I might buy an isolating or noise-cancelling buds in the future but they are so expensive. Just not a fan of headphones, they are big and I look goofy wearing them. 

I currently use the Logitech G35, they feel sturdy and for me they sound good, although I'm not an audiophile by a longshot. they are quite heavy but I have gotten used to that now so I don't really notice unless I have worn them for many hours.

Logitech G430

Not very comfy at first, but after a week it's shaped after your head. Just don't let anyone else use it or it will reshape and you're gonna have to shape it again... I had to learn it the hard way.

Overall the sound quality, build quality is great. 7.1 works just fine. I'm happy and most likely wont upgrade before these break. I've had them for around 2 months. 


They are great. A bit heavy with time, but no wish to change anything!

Sennheiser 598

Sennheiser 598

very comfortable, good soundstage, pretty neutral. don't feel the sturdiest and changing the size feels fairly flimsy. 

Yep, the ATH-M50's are my headphones of choice. I also have a set of 7 year old ATH-PRO5MS for gaming (moar bass) and Klipsche S4i's for earbuds (best bang for your buck IMO).

Soundmagic HP100