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What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?





IDK what I kove about that song… May be it’s the stylish video or the not so standard voice, or the fact, that half my “friends” can’t figure out if this is a boy or a girl…

Her name is Laura, and that is where the L in LP comes from… Guess what letter her last name starts with?







The Postal Service - Give up. Great album, certainly much different to what I’m used to. I randomly clicked on it and was pleasantly surprised.


That nazi party AFD got 13% in the election today… in Germany…



Gotta love PDX


stuck in my head


BedHedd’s sounds interesting. It’s a keeper I think. This one is kind of like that. Darker though. This composer freaks my wife out a little so it’s not for everyone.


I like it. An blend of west and east? Or is the composition Japanese alone?


Pretty sure Japanese with some blending

Looks like the composer mashed the traditional and modern instruments together


I’ve not followed that title, but yea there’s a lot of work in that industry producing amalgams to appeal to fans on multiple angles. Ghost in the Machine did that well. Were a show like Cowboy Bebop went straight jazz. It’s kind of the exception though with most I think using their culture as a launching pad to create interesting variations of very old compositions.


Pendulum - Blood Sugar



Neofolk from Galiza.