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What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)?



worst ever /s





Bought the album the other day. Got this one stuck on repeat in my head.

EDIT : clip slightly NSFW near the end.


perturbator released something new


This is not my genre at all (I’m old, but not that old).
It popped up at random and I think it’s awesome.



fgc & saltybet represent
always bet on waifu


Sympathy For The Devil - live . On the way to the grocery. Some old fucks are pretty loud.




The Songs that never end.
Times are for the vinyl cuts and do not exactly match live films.

Tarkus 20:40

Close to the Edge 18:44

Supper’s Ready 23:06

Karn Evil 9 29:37

The Gates of Delirium 21:50



Emerson, Lake and Palmer …

I have heard of that band before but I can’t tell you a song by them. I am going to look on YouTube and see if I can find a song I like by them.

I assume my dad listened to them at some point but not enough to where I know anything by them.


Eh this seems ok but not my cup of tea …

I like this one better …




Well, not the new Foo Fighters album … cause that fuckin’ sucks!




Perfect song the fit the times.

Puscifer - The Remedy