What are the standards for a DAW?

This might be hardware, but I see it as an audio category.

Is there a standard to run a DAW? I don't think I would need like 8 gores or anything crazy like that and even a PPC G5 would probably do, I'm just wondering if theres any real specifics when in working with music (aside from good sound).

If nothing else my G5 project will turn into a music station lol. If I can't do that project at all.... I have pentium 4's and athlons by the multiple..... And an i7 870 with no ram or GPU.... Shit.


Cores > CPU Speed > Memory bandwidth > Storage speed.

If you're doing nothing but recording tracks,

Cores (almost)= CPU Speed.

I did some tests in PT last year regarding memory bandwidth and it made an astonishingly large impact on number of plugins. This is really only relevant if you are doing post-production, using massive sample libraries, or editing very long compositions.

All other components the same, RAM speed yeilded:
3000 MHz
1340 Dverbs

1333 MHz
945 Dverbs

2250 MHz
1100 Dverbs

Remember, DAWs have been around since at least the 1980's, so there will be something you're able to run. Try Reaper if you're having problems running something else. It's pretty light and feature-rich, indeed.

Actually Reaper is what I use :DD
Either way thanks.

If you have the time, do a test and let us know:

5 minutes of a 1k sine tone into bus 1-2

create a track and fill it with reverb plugs (10/track, same settings on each) and set the input to bus 1-2 from the tone track

create as many tracks/plugs as you can and record 5 minutes of affected tone without breaking up or stopping for errors.

let us know how many plugs you can achieve.

that's basically the "dverb test" in PT. I've never tried it in Reaper, but would like to hear what you can get in it with a G5.

Either way, glad to hear it.

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Well I don't have the G5 yet XD thats an upcoming Qemu project. But thank you for the information!