What are some good Sony headphones for 4 eyed people

what is a pair of sony headphones that is comfortable with glasses i would like to know

usually over the ear headphones will go best, especially if they have the velvet pads over the leather pads.  I wear glasses and headphones with velvet cushions are by far the best for glasses.  The leather can slide your glasses.

Are you dead set on Sony?  If that is negotioable then depending on budget I would suggest Audiotechnica ATH-M50's - I wear glasses and they are comfortable as hell.  really really good price/performance ratio and you can get them just about everywhere.  If you are dead set on sony then MDRNC8B's or MDR1RNCMK2 or MDR10RNC but they are much more expensive and at the end of the day you are going to HAVE to try some on and get what not only FITS you best but what SOUNDS best to YOU - its a very subjective area and dependant on you and your taste in music.

all i have in my small town is a radio shack also thanks for the suggestions I'm dead set on Sony usually for their excellent quality 

Sony MDR-7506, with the Beyerdynamic velour replacement earpads.