What are some decent jobs with computers?

Hey everyone, i need to find a job that I will not hate in 10 years, that i will love, pay dose not matter as long as it is worth the money, i wish i could be a programmer, but i have very bad dyslexia and i has effected how i spell and makes it a bit hard to type very fast because i will read over what i have typed and think that i have messed up.

I really love working and build PC and even love to help our my family and friends with troubleshooting. Are there any jobs that i can shoot for?

So what i am over all asking is what jobs can i work with computers, but have little programming in them?

any help will be thanked! sorry for the longish read!

IT jobs are fun if you know what you are doing, and seeing as you know how to troubleshoot or use Google i am sure you are qualified.