Whales and metal [Themed album lists]

There was a thread i created a while back called "Ive got $15 and no metal to spend it on" (It's got bad grammar to boot!), although i only posted twice in it, i still found it to be a fantastic resource. Since then I've got at least half the albums mentioned in the thread. It took me this long to come up with an interesting idea to start a thread which would contain a list of albums with a usual theme. To begin with, I've decided to create a list with albums the ether briefly touched on the concept of whales or were ether themed entirely on these majestic creatures. I've always had a love for whales and metal for my entire life (literally, even before spiders!), so i hope you'll enjoy the list I've created and feel free to get creative if you feel like participating!


1. From Mars To Sirius - Gojira

2. Leviathan - Mastodon

3. The Call of the Wretched Sea - Ahab

4. The Divinity of Oceans - Ahab

5. The Ichthyologist - Giant Squid

Carach Angren - Death came through a phantom ship

There aren't any whales but it has to do with pirate, who sail the seas and there are whales in the oceans same shit.

Also ALESTORM! \m/,

Those are some great albums, although you don't need to expand on my list, you can go ahead a create your own separate one, I just made one so it got the ball roiling.

This is a pretty good idea for a thread. I usually find a lot of new artists in them.

strong list, props. I know of no other whale metal bands.