Western Digital Red 3 TB or Seagate Barracuda 3 TB

I can't really deside which one to get so I thought I would get your guys opinions on this. 


Seagate Barracuda:



WD Red:


what are you using the drive for?

WD Red-series is a combination of WDs enterprise (RE4) drives, and Caviar-series value. Mainly designed for NAS builds (über RAID config 'n stuff), but can also be used as normal harddrive.

Seagate Barracuda is just a cheaper competitor to the WD Black-series.

Hard drives are one of (if not THE) most fragile component in my PC. In that regard, I would go for the Western Digital Red for the extended warranty and for the fact that it is rated to work 24/7 in NAS enclosures.

However, if that is going to be the only storage drive in your computer, the Barracuda is a little faster with its 7200rpm. So... yeah, it depends on what you plan on using it for.

Going for storage for design work/videos and gaming primarly, also for group sharing on home network.

then get a caviar black, it's sturdier than a blue, and faster than a red. the red only spins at 5400 rpm, wheras the blue and black are both 7200 rpm

edit: never mind, WD doesn't make a 3tb black. umm, i'll take a look at the reliability specs of the barracuda

Red drives aren't going to be as fast as Black drives, because they're made more for stability and to be run in RAID configurations. Get a Black drive instead. They're going to be the fastest hard drives you can get right now unless you want to blow the money on a Velociraptor which isn't all that much faster anyway.

blacks max out at 2 tb i think, but you really shouldn't need more than that