Wendel's Surfacebook battery replacement result

Hello All,
I saw the video where (I think it was Wendel) they replaced the battery in the surfacebook. In that video, didn’t really show the conclusion.
Was there any images or video on what things looked like after they were done?
Debating about following the video and the iFixit steps to try and to it on my and wondering how everything looked when he put it back together.
Not really wanting to jump in as it still works it is just a little puffed (not as bad as his) and not holding more than about 30 minutes of charge.

it didnt look perfect but I still use it pretty regularly. functioned nice


I shortened a cheap CherryTrail Windows Tablet when opening it… So I’ll just add, this needs time, patience and relaxation.


Good to know. Everyone I talked to said it was impossible without breaking the screen. Between your video and others I found, it looked like that wasn’t the case if you had a heat gun, good tools, and patience.
Thanks for letting me know @wendell .

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ifixits heat log thing helps a ton too. to loosen up the glue. if you wait a long time the spicy pillows are more sensitive to heat so not recommended


Ah. Was not aware of that. Good point.

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