Wendell's Job?

What is Wendell's job?

Eh, its hard to explain. For a day job, I solve problems, or prevent them from happening in the first place. I have a team that I've cultivated to help me solve some of those problems. I work with smart people from a lot of different industries to sort of understand what their problems are and apply my experience to solve those problems.



Can I join the team?

so you own a building full of trained monkeys and you're the ring-leader?

Was that directed at me or wendell? If me, yes, yes i do. They call me master, and make me coffee. 

I'm not a people person, but I've been fortunate enough to retain some really amazing talent on the team. I'm proud of my team and I get to be the face guy most of the time, otherwise how would anyone get any work done? 

For a night job, CEO of Valve Corporation.


I'm onto you.

Sounds like a think tank to me . Not a bad job if you can get it .

Your comment has 3 lines between the first and last sentence. 

C.E.O has 3 letters


Your last sentence has 3 words 


Ricochet 2 Confirmed 

there is a slight offset to the comment indicating who it was at.

the offset is hard to see on mobile (if there at all) and not really noticable on regualr viewing unless you've seen it before.

Half-Life 3 confirmed

Fallout 4 confirmed

Call of Duty 15 confirmed (oh wait, we knew that)