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Hey there guys!

This is my first time posing a question to the illustrious tek duo, so let me be straight forward: I need as much input on GPU's as possible- like Johnnny 5 style.

"I am alive!" But I digress.. I was hoping to get some books that you have read or may be reading that may shed some light on the subject. All formats are welcome (pdf even amazon purchases yada etc.) whether it be books on something as broad as architectures, or publications that go as far as to break down what is happening on individual threads in cuda cores. I'm a bit of a beginner,  and am having a bit of trouble sorting through the information stack. Aka the youtube search function is terrible.



Thank you for your time.






First thing ya gotta understand is parallel computing.

The threads are place closed together in warps that can quickly disseminate information between members of said warp?