Welp, thats mildy concerning

just bumping some FLACs in foobar and wanted to see how much power that takes (actually 0% cpu and 17mb ram haha), and saw this little gem.

I dont like this. guess microsoft is jamming out with me :joy:

I don’t see any issue? The volume mixer is just the background process that handles the audio volume … ?

Nope, I don’t get it either.

Can’t you just paste the screenshot here?

Oh, maybe the gif didnt work, first time using gyazo GIF but just wondering why the volume mixer needed to use any network.

Wow now I actually know what you’re talking about…
I thought you were talking about RAM/CPU usage…

I wouldn’t interpret too much into that… task manager is unreliable for that. If you’re concerned about that better check with something like wireshark.